Thursday, February 03, 2005


super bowl advertisement in the news

check out this story: Ford Pulls Lustful Super Bowl Car Ad

i hope you are paying attention to little news tidbits like this. in the current ideological climate we live in, there is an amazing phenomenon occurring: people are beginning to censor themselves, instead of forcing external censors to regulate their behavior. ugh. this is a sure sign of the apocalypse in terms of the demise of free speech and freedom.......blob

I fully agree with you. I think it's bullshit how easy companies are giving in these days to anyone that says something offends them. The whole sexual overtones thing is bullshit to. I know i wouldnt have thought anything like that if i would have seen the commerical. It almost makes me want to create some group and see if it would be possible to put an end to all ads by saying that something int the ad offends my group. io really think that the companies need to grow their balls back and not be scared of offending people or the FCC so much. Most car companies have so many loyal customers that their sales would harldy drop if they did have their commericals banned. Maybe ill write my research paper on something of this nature to show how all major companies have basically given into political pressure.
Hey check out my blog for my idea of what group to create.
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