Wednesday, February 23, 2005


interesting source for the Simpsons

i did a simple google search, "family simpsons" i think. one of the top results directed me to the "parents television council," whatever the heck that is. i think it is a conservative group that would only give positive ratings to shows like the tv show in the movie Pleasantville. anyway, check out this link and read what they have to say about the Simpsons. particularly intriguing is the last line about the "mixed message about parenthood" that the Simpsons sends, as if the wife isn't supposed to be the stable role model. weird.

anyway, this is an interesting secondary source about what detractors say about the Simpsons. there could easily be a quote or two pulled from this webpage, and of course you could use the "how to" guide for analyzing web sources to figure out the political agenda behind the creators of the site.

good luck, blob

Monday, February 21, 2005


MLA Style

Hi folks: Just wanted to let you know i posted a link to a very useful MLA style sheet on the left-hand column of the blog. Of course if you purchased the handbook, you will get much more information and better explanations, and it will be more handy...but if you have not purchased this, the electronic style sheet is enough to get you through the minimal requirements of the assignment..........Bob

Saturday, February 12, 2005


group projects

hi folks.....i just wanted to say that i think the first two groups did a great job on their presentations. they also did a great job choosing songs, designing the cover art, etc. i hope they did not put too much pressure on the other groups. ha!

hope you are having a nice weekend, bob

Thursday, February 03, 2005


super bowl advertisement in the news

check out this story: Ford Pulls Lustful Super Bowl Car Ad

i hope you are paying attention to little news tidbits like this. in the current ideological climate we live in, there is an amazing phenomenon occurring: people are beginning to censor themselves, instead of forcing external censors to regulate their behavior. ugh. this is a sure sign of the apocalypse in terms of the demise of free speech and freedom.......blob

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


assignment #2

hi folks......this is just a reminder that the outline i showed you on powerpoint #3 that used the following categories for comparison--audience, topic, context--was for example purposes only....i do not expect you to use only those categories, okay? you can choose the following criteria for your analysis:


also, do not limit yourself only to using 3 of these, or else you will be in danger of reproducing the dreaded five-paragraph theme. ha!

see you in class, blob

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