Saturday, January 22, 2005


study abroad in Italy

hi folks........i just happened to come across this resource today and thought i would pass it along. it is a list of numerous programs for american college students to study in italy. it is organized by american institution along the left-hand side of the page, and by italian city on the right-hand side. all you need to do is pick a program or a city and there are links to more information about it. i am sure there are a lot more websites out there like this one, but this is a good example of how many programs there are....just in italy!!

hope you are having a good weekend, blob

ps. here is the link to OSU's Office of Int'l Education [OIE] website, which has a lot of information itself:

pps. here is a link to newsletter from the College of Humanities. if you look at the story about study abroad programs--pp.6-8, .pdf--you will learn about OSU's new programs, as well as find info about 25 $2000 scholarships that are available every year!!!

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