Monday, January 03, 2005


monday night

hi folks.....hope you had a good time at class today. i am about to start reading your first-day essays. i hope you had a good time thinking about your clothing. surprisingly, i bet most of you have never thought about the "message" you send with what you wear. now that i mention it, i didn't use to consider this message either--even after i graduated from college, my father would still tell me, though, "tuck in your shirt" or "you shouldn't wear clothes with holes" in them...ha ha! he certainly thinks about the message of personal appearance--mabye it is a gnerational thing that he can't let go of. actually, just a few daze ago--at my parents' place for dinner--my dad made me take off my hat when i came to the table :]

anyway, my point is that every aspect of our being has a message, and i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing to start with ourselves when we want to be critical thinkers and practice our analytical skills!!

have a good night, blob

hi, yea class was real cool on Wednesday, I had a lot of fun analyzing those ads and paying attention to stuff I dont usually see.
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