Thursday, January 13, 2005


MLK Jr. Assignment

hello.....i had a brainstorm this morning. i know that i only politely asked you to individually perform The Method on the photo of martin luther king jr., but now i'd like to politely ask you to post what you have come up with as a comment to this message. it isn't required and i won't hold it against you if you don't do it, but i hope many of you is a good opportunity to attempt this analysis on your own. we have been studying The Method and practicing it as a class for the first two weeks, now you can try it on your own [or with a classmate, that would obviously be fine]. simply list 2 or 3 repetitions, strands, binaries, and anomalies in the order of their importance, and then choose the single most important one and write a small paragraph answering first the "So What?" question, then addressing why you think it was the most important.

i know you all are busy people and don't need additional schoolwork, but spending a half-hour thinking about MLK Jr. is the least we can do to honor the legacy of this great man.

take care, bob

Not sure if this is what you wanted, but I thought I'd give it a shot!

Repetitions: microphones, columns, suits
Strands: Passion-- open mouth, hand raised, fist in crowd
Binaries: Coloration?? (black/white)
Anomaly: The white guy on the far right's clothes (trenchcoat?/ hat)

I think the most important would be the strand.

You can see Martin Luther King Jr.'s passion simply through observing this picture. His hand is raised with importance and pride, and his mouth is open as though he must be shouting, eager to get his message across. You can also see that his words are inspiring the crowd by the raised fist in front of the podium. I think that this strand is the most important part of the picture because it gives a clear view of his passion which is what helped make Martin Luther King Jr. a great leader and speaker.

-People on the right side of the picture.
-Lines on pillars in background of photo.
-Hand in the air, with an open fist.
-Mouth is open
-Open toward the audience or crowd that is in front of him

-Black vs. White
-Speaking vs. Listening
-Man in white clothes behind Dr. King(he just looks weird)
-Two cops when supposed to be a peacefull rally.

We believe the most important aspect of the picture would have to be the Strands. The strands symbolize his openess, willingness to show people who he is, and what he believes in. It also shows that the people are there for him and also to hear what he has to say.

Chad Kilbarger
Sarah Damman
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