Monday, January 10, 2005


how to find the amy tan article are some instructions for finding the article.

1) click here
[or cut/paste...]

2) enter: English 781

3) click English 781 E Reserves

4) click Electronic Reserves for English 781

3) use your own name/SSN

4) click on "Tan's My Mother's Secret"

good luck and enjoy!!
see you wednesday, at 3:45...blob

ps. whoever the first few students to arrive are: if you can please begin to arrange the room and project the way it needs to be, i would appreciate it :]

got the amy tan story real easy. rock on
Not a bad story it's pretty interesting. Check out my blog sometime its just started it so not too much content right now.
hey bob, foudn the article. see yah in class.
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