Sunday, January 23, 2005


comments on first drafts...

here are some notes i made after reading and responding to your first drafts of Assignment #1. sorry if they are a little cryptic. i am sure you can understand them. [sorry also if you struggle with my handwriting when you receive your papers on monday].

1) don’t be offended when I simply write “re-word” above a sentence/phrase

2) include a word-count at the end

3) use details/examples from the story

4) follow advice in WA (pp.182-4) when quoting

5) clearly distinguish the two sections and avoid summarizing in Response section and responding in Summary section

6) apply The Method in your summary...i want to see the words “repetitions,” “strands,” “binaries,” and “anomalies” in your final draft

7) summarize as if your roommate would be taking a quiz on this story and didn’t have time to read it, but could only read your summary of it—your roommate doesn’t need every detail so s/he could answer every question correctly, but certainly needs the most important details

8) use the criteria for evaluation that follow the prompt to judge whether you are executing the assignment in the desired manner

9) only use quotation marks for direct quotations from the text…do not use them simply to add emphasis to idioms or clichés or words you want to stress—use italics for those purposes if you must.

10) don’t use the second person [“you”] when referring to the reader/audience


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