Monday, January 24, 2005


after class monday

hey class.....if you have any questions about your papers, please email me. who knows, maybe you can't even read my handwriting...but you probably also don't understand the cryptic notations i made on your drafts either. my apologies--i was hoping to spend a few minutes with each of you today during the movie but the logistics of taking you out in the hall one at a time seemed too distracting.

and speaking of the movie, i'd love to know what you guys thought about it. without sounding too teacherly here, did you notice some repetitions, strands, binaries, and anomalies? i sure did. they were EVERYWHERE...ha! so, if you get the chance, please post a comment to this message and we can have a little discussion inbetween now and class on wednesday. [because to be honest, i'm not sure how much time we'll spend talking about it in class. hmmmm.]

have a good evening, blob

flowers: was the first thing to change and meant that the beautiful would change first.
books: as a source of learning symbolized that the townspeople needed the veil lifted off of them
picket fences: seemed to be a border between families that not allowing a full community to be allowed

The escalating attitude towards those that had changed went from calling it a 'sickness' to anything associated with being colored being destroyed and rules placed on the ones who were colored.

old vs. young: the young were the first to change their ways while the old sat back and tried to maintain there way of life. This shows the director feels that it is up to the new generations to make the changes in society and that they will find little help from their elders.
colored vs. noncolored: most likely symbolized the blacks vs. whites mindframe of that time period and showed how ignorance can lead to hatred and destruction

being colored: in the begining those who had become colored stood out from the others showing they had changed their views on things
being noncolored: at the end it seemed that it was odd not to be colored and these were the people who were sticking the old ways
no black people in the movie: i dont know if there's any real significance but i just noticed it
jumping into a television show: no explanation needed
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